Protection Elevated- Gorilla Glass 5 was Born



Corning Incorporated, a world renowned manufacturer of glass, developing different kinds of glasses that are used primarily as cover glass for portable electronic devices, mostly mobile phones, launched Corning Gorilla glass for smartphones in 2007. Interestingly, the usage of better cover glass of smartphones went viral afterwards. And Corning incorporated is now in its fifth generation. More than 4.5 billion devices are equipped with its glass worldwide, including more than 1,800 product models across 40 major brands. RIght on 21st of July (Taiwan Stardard Time) Corning Gorilla Glass 5 was born, meaning Corning Incorporated has made another history.

People dropping things happens accidentally from time to time. And the typical height from an adult’s pocket to the ground is approximately one meter, which means people normally and usually drop things from pockets within this height. More careless dropping due to taking selfies, photo shooting, or playing Pokémon Go. In fact, in view of this, Corning had strengthened the hardness on Gorilla 4, providing better strength especially when people drop the smartphones.

Another fun fact referred to Quicksurvey of Toluna, nearly 85% of smartphone users drop their phones at least once while up to 55% of people drop phones 3 times; and 60% users among them drop smartphones from the height of waists or shoulders.


The statement of Corning’s press release indicates that “Gorilla Glass 5 is a latest breakthrough innovation, and the birth of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is also a response to consumers’ No. 1 issue with mobile devices, the new cover glass is designed to provide further protection against breakage from everyday drops. Rigorous lab tests show that Gorilla Glass 5 survives drops onto rough, unforgiving surfaces up to four times better than competitive glass designs.” For many people I believe, this is not just a breakthrough, Corning Incorporation does make and the cover glass technology supreme and reaches a higher level that will be pretty competitive and satisfying. As well as the superior protection will definitely make phone users relieved and at ease whenever they use their smart devices.

According to the experiment, the brand new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 was dropped from 1.6 meters high faced down onto the rough surface (Sandpaper P80); up to 80% chances, theGorilla Glass 5 didn’t break (Very strong and resistant to breakage). Fortunately, we had an opportunity to test Glass 5’s intensity in person. In the actual experiment, we dropped Glass 5 from 170 centimeters high faced down by 6-degree angle 23 times in total, the Glass wasn’t broken or damaged at all, which is really surprising and also means the smartphones with Gorilla Glass 5 will have much lower possibility to be broken if users drop them by accident.


As a cover glass of cellphones, not only is the hardness significant, but also its scratch resistance is as well. On this point, there is no need to worry, because Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is better scratch resistant and the hardness provides better protection against distortion. Overall, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is a cutting edge invention, twice as strong as Gorilla 4, the new material, the new technology, and new way. Better yet, the mass production is in process at present. Perhaps in August, if lucky, we will start seeing many devices with whole new Gorilla Glass 5.

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