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Wearable devices are always popular with various walks of life, depending on different requirements as well as points of views. Recently, At 2016 IFA, several well-known manufacturers released not few watches, such as Gear S3 of Samsung, ZenWatch 3 of ASUS. Interestingly, one company among these big brands, famed for its affordable wearable devices, has announced a new series of intuitive watches. And here I would like to introduce one of the latest watch-“MoveTime WiFi” to you.

To begin with, MoveTime WiFi belongs to one of Alcatel’s new series. The official website defines MoveTime WiFi as a “clever companion”, especially for on-the-go people, and also, it is the newest one. It has a 1.39-inch screen with 400*400 resolution. And there is an built-in microphone and speaker on the side, enabling users to make and receive calls directly, therefore, you won’t miss a call wherever you are in a meeting or other occasions. In addition, an optical heart rate sensor is on its back, both connecting to your smart devices and tracking your personal health condition/ information, and then synchronize your smartphone App.


Here is more information from the official website that you may be interested in:

Like its counterparts, MOVETIME WiFi Watch monitors all exercise data — steps, calories, distance, time, water and caffeine intake, and heart rate. Using a dedicated application, users can track their physical fitness.

Let’s get handsfree! MOVETIME WiFi Watch features an innovative gesture control system that allows users to take control of their smartwatch using simple movements. Simply tap on the screen to play or pause music, or rotate the wrist to play back or forward a song or to activate the camera for quick snaps.

MOVETIME WiFi Watch is available in silver, dark grey and gold.

Source: Alcatel.

Besides MoveTime WiFi, Alcatel also exhibited Moveband, Movetrack, and Move Track & Talk specifically for children, each of which has its unique functions and features. To learn more, please visit Alcatel.

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