Month: January 2016

A peek in HoloLens

Augmentation, a word that I was never familiar with, has always been a popular term in people’s vocabulary bank. While augmentation techniques are always on the rise, Microsoft has recently been reaching out in many fields and therefore… Read More

LG G5 Rumors are Flying

Nowadays, in my opinion, smartphones have already reached an unbelievably high level that beyond my imagination. The truth is-it is visible and also there is a tendency that the modern smartphones have just “more-than-multifunction”

LG V10-Make you a small director.

When it comes to cellphones, most people wouldn’t deny that they have already become our second life. LG, one of the most famous company in the world, has an unmatched prestigious status in technology field. Now this remarkable… Read More

Magic carpet for the real world? ArcaBoard is the answer.

Date back to 1903, the very first aircraft was invented, and no one could really expect that it made a great impact on the aircraft industry and influences the whole future world.

Make a clear distinction between VR & AR

Virtual Reality, so called VR, is always a popular topic of all time. Yet, we don’t really get that much of the exact idea of it. In fact, VR means that we use computers to create or replicates… Read More

Easier, Safer, Meet the 4moms self-installing car seat

Parenthood has always been a significant issue for all fathers and mothers in the world. As a father, I always put my children’s safety before everything; especially in terms of driving safety. No one should make a mockery… Read More

Quickest and safest, “Withings Thermo”

I don’t really like the feeling every time I have to put something into my body to take the temperature. Here we have a new breakthrough in this issue.

Polar Balance Scale- Bring balance to your life

A lot of modern people keep track of their diet, care for the food’s calorie for the purpose of a healthy and balanced life. If you are one of them, please take a close look at this new… Read More

Super 8, Too Good to Be True

Can’t get rid of addiction of traditional film camera and still feel like some fashionable elements? Perhaps Kodak “Super 8” is the solution to the answer.