Month: March 2016

Meet the Futuristic Induction Cooker- 40Ring

Cooking can always be rather enjoyable, but only under safe ways. Have you ever somehow been bothered or engaged in other minor things while you were cooking. Perhaps 40Ring will be the answer to your problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6-Specs leaked

As the flagship models- Galaxy S7 and S7 edge showed great selling volumes. Now, will the upcoming latest smartphone, Galaxy Note 6, go on this unstoppable trend? Perhaps we should probably start with its specifications first.

HTC 10- Lighten Easter Taiwan

  It seems that we have been waiting for ages. And now, the show time will eventually be on at 8 PM, April 12th, 2016.

Time to travel? You may need a GooBag

Are you usually on the move and travel around frequently? Convenience is always taken into consideration no matter you are a seasoned traveler or a starter traveler. Here I really want to introduce GooBag to you.

More Than Just A Watch, Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander

As a matter of fact, the modern watches nowadays are way distinct from traditional watches we used to wear. Smart analog watches now are more than telling time. It’s not hard to imagine, but still make me feel… Read More

biēm Butter Sprayer!! Get your butter sprayed

Are you a butter person, or a gourmet of butter? Please check it out here. A fun way to enjoy your butter-meal is now available and it cannot be any easier ever. Biem Butter sprayer is a great… Read More

World-Class Innovation- HTC 10

  There’s no denying that camera play a vital role of smartphone. No matter photos or videos, it is definitely a trend all the manufactures trying to develop better cameras and further functions so that they are able… Read More

Global Brand, Global Ambassador- Huawei and Lionel Messi

To set its global position, Huawei made a big move on 18th of March. According to the press release announcement, Huawei Signed Barcelona superstar of Argentine- Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador.

Level up Your Image/ Video Qualities- New Panocat Is Your Best Choice

Photo shooting with smartphones is always the first choice while traveling, meeting or dating. Why? It’s simple, and most importantly, it’s always the most convenient way to keep your memorable moments.

Handy with facility- LifeLink USB cable

Do you ever feel annoying and troublesome whenever you need to carry USB cables along? Well, because of my job and for some convenience reasons, I am definitely one of them who need to use USB cable frequently.