Month: July 2016

Protection Elevated- Gorilla Glass 5 was Born

  Corning Incorporated, a world renowned manufacturer of glass, developing different kinds of glasses that are used primarily as cover glass for portable electronic devices, mostly mobile phones, launched Corning Gorilla glass for smartphones in 2007. Interestingly, the usage of better… Read More

A Brief Talk on BlackBerry

What is your stereotype, or what do you come up with when it comes to “BlackBerry?”  (a) Foreigners dig it. (b) Easy typing with the keyboard. (c) What is that? Are any of the answers above meet your reply? Well, today let’s talk briefly about the glory and… Read More

Future Fruit Bowl- “Blue”

Fruits are favored by many people and they are beneficial for us because they are nutritious. However, they doesn’t retain their beautiful looks and nutrition for long. Designed by Ahmet Bektes, Koray Gelmez, and Eda Kose, Blue is a cutting edge fruit bowl… Read More

Another Greatest Feat in Human History- The World’s Largest Air-Purifier!

Human beings are greedy; However, in some way, we can’t deny that thanks to greed, mankind has created and invented countless things and also achieved many amazing feats. Here we have a news first surprised me quite a… Read More

Spokesperson for “Intelligent Suitcase”- Olive

Just when I have already seen more and more Magical Suitcases, I realized the modern luggage design has reached a remarkable-well level that sometime I doubt where those brilliant ideas came from. Tracking, charging, GPS, or even being able to go up stairs… Read More

Meet Geizeer- The “CHIBI Air conditioner”

Climate change issue is never fading away. And the global warming problem has also been discussed over and over again. Many evidence show that the climate system is warming year by year.

Once and for all? FlipBag!!

View points change and vary frequently depending on how we look at things. Take bags as examples, most vendors, without a doubt, do hope to sell more and more bags to increase sales, and interestingly, purchasers are really in need of… Read More

Do You Know the Upside of Fingerprint Recognition?

In the modern world, people get access to a variety of data and information rather quickly and easily. For example, almost all people live in the “smartphone” world; no matter wherever they are, whatever they do, or even whenever the time… Read More

Alternative option-TraxPack Luggage

Frequent travelers, I bet you have seen or even bought several suitcases. The manufactures and developers usually use their brilliant ideas to create multifunctional and unique suitcases for different travelers in different need. However, backpacking is not always… Read More

The Return of BlackBerry.

As the famous saying goes, “He that falls today may rise tomorrow.” it may not be that exactly the situation what happened to BlackBerry. However, I am totally agree with it.