All in One- USB Type-C


An announcement made by HDMI (HDMI Licensing, LLC) on the 5th of September said the Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) for HDMI has officially come out. And for which the source devices with HDMI are now able to utilize USB Type-C to connect to the devices directly, and the original signals can be transferred with ease. The Transmission Control Protocol is no longer necessary.

This cutting edge invention helps two major connection problems. The USB Type-C becomes smartphones, tablets and personal computer products while HDMI plays a leading role in the field. And based on the estimation, the sales quantity of the display devices such as projectors, screens and entire tablets equipped with HDMI will be reaching 29 million units.


HDMI Alt Mode supports a variety of functions of HDMI 1.4b. For example, ARC (audio return channel), 4k resolution, 3D, HDMI, Ethernet and CEC (consumer electronics control). USB Type-C connector will be used for the source-end of HDMI wire and HDMI connector for display terminal. Easily connected, simple and quick.




Both Rob Tobias (HDMI CEO) and Jeff Ravencraft (USB-IF CEO) stated that USB Type-C would definitely get popular fast and also be widespread in soon. As a matter of fact, more and more devices are going to be equipped with HDMI; and I am, of course, very glad to hear this news, for a lot of users will have simpler and also better ways to use a great many devices. Let’s look forward to it.

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