Yi Launched Its First Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera-M43


As a sub-brand of Mi, Yi is known for its action cameras and smart cameras. Just a few days ago, Yi launched its very first Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) of it own, priced at 2,199 RMB, and features m43 adaptor ring and a standard zoom lens (14-40mm). Plus, Double-lens kit (14-40mm+42.5mm) costs 2,999 RMB, which is rather affordable and sounds like a real bargain to me either way.

Yi stated that Sony IMX269 20.16MP 4/3 Charge Coupled Device is used on the camera, and the camera can create extra 50MP by utilizing specific virtual-imaging technology. Besides, there are 81 focus points, a mechanical shutter, 5fps shooting speed, 3,840 x 2,160 30fps video recording and so on.
Additionally, Panasonic and Olympus lenses are also compatible with it. The 3-inch touch panel (on the back) makes operation easier than ever and it seems everything is so controllable. Other features such as BLE and WiFi, allowing you to remote control and transfer files. Battery life: 450 shots. Weight: 280g

Please view M43’s official lenses as follows.


Picture source: Yi

Source: Saydigi

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