Month: August 2016

A Brief Talk on Waterproof of Smartphones

Summer is approaching, and it seems waterproof becomes a relative term when speaking of the raising awareness of waterproof smartphones. What smartphone do you have in mind? I bet the first impression comes up might be Sony Xperia Z series. Moreover, The… Read More

Your Professional Health Advisor- Vitastiq 2

As busy people in modern world, how many of us have to eat out, and how many of us get to understand our dietary situation, or pay attention to our diet. I am afraid the answer is mostly… Read More

Shoka Bell-All You Ever Need on Your Bike.

No matter if you are a bicycle lover, bicycle safety must always be considered as the priority of all; Especially when riding a bicycle at night, riders have to pay more attention to the different situation coming from diverse… Read More

Powered by S625 Chipset with 16MP Camera, HUAWEI G9 Plus Started out In China.

HUAWEI G7 Plus earned fine reputation for its quality and price. In my opinion, HUAWEI G7 Plus obviously deserved it. No one would deny it was a real bargain at such excellent price. The business world is realistic and people always pursue a good deal all… Read More

Confirmed information of iPhone 7!

Just when the whole world is waiting for invitation of iPhone, we have news about leaked Apple iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus cases and bumpers. Excitingly, not only have we confirmed that there are two different models -iPhone 7 and Plus, but seen the… Read More

A Comparison on Xiaomi laptop-Air and Macbook!

After a long time waiting, Xiaomi laptop has finally officially launched. Gladly there are two models- 12.5 inch (low level) and 13.3 inch (advanced level) as options for consumers. And in my opinion, I think the prices are rather competitive… Read More

A Brief Talk on MR Technology.

2016 is a colorful and enriching year. As a matter of fact, it is also the first year of “VR”, which we have already had discussion over. And it doesn’t take you long to understand “AR” from sensational Pokémon… Read More

Top 50 Smartest Companies in 2016. Apple is out !!

Each year MIT publishes “MIT Technology Review” to identify 50 companies that are smart. And the magazine evaluate “Smartest Companies” in the way they create new opportunities. However, unfortunately, one of the largest company- Apple, once in top 50 in 2015, is… Read More

Leaks in GFXBench Show HUAWEI Mate 9 Will Be Equipped with Kirin 960

Time flies, and so does technology, with summer approaching, people never stop discussion regarding the new products, saying nothing of upcoming smartphones next year. And now, it seems Huawei is ready for the big move. According to scources from GFXBench, Huawei… Read More

An Invitation Revealed the Approach of Gear S3?

For the next half year of 2016, not only can we see the battle of smartphones, but  also smell the gunpowder of peripheral products; especially the wearable devices. Samsung, regarded as a representative of wearable devices, is releasing new… Read More