Month: June 2016

Catch up with The Fever- OPPO R9 limited edition

Are you a sport fanatic? or a star follower? The upsurge of COPA America and UEFA European Championship is uprising, and most manufactures will definitely launch a bunch of appealing products to rake in big fortune. Without a doubt, smartphone… Read More

Launch date is approaching? ZenFone 3 Taiwan report

Asus has disclosed that several new ZenFone 3 series will be launched gradually in July 2016. Besides, we also heard the new press release on 12th of July. It is said the actual price and date will be unveiled… Read More

How “Salty” Are You!? Check this Salinity Meter out

We all know that health issue is particularly significant, but most of us cannot really pay more attention to it due to the busy life and business. Or some of us just want to enjoy yummy delicacy without caring about… Read More

Your Next Pet: The Smart Backpack- BACKPAIX

Multifunction seems to be the basis of developing a new product; and frankly, consumers are getting smarter and smarter, considering functionality as one of very vital factor while purchasing a product. Speaking of a modern backpack, storing stuff is never enough, a… Read More

All in One: Amazing TARAbrella

You can never predict the weather precisely, nor can the weather bureau. The changes of the climate are always in just a minute. Have you ever been in a rainy day without an umbrella. As a matter of fact, that… Read More

Dawn of Sony PS VR- Coming in October

More VR technology and products are already in sight. Better yet, more and more of new VR will be released before the end of 2016. Sony, as one of the greatest manufactures which leads in electronics and games. is now introducing its… Read More

Integrate All And Bring Home Control to Another Level- Apple HomeKit

Since the first appearance of Home App, We have seen and heard  not less than hundreds of pieces of information so far. And also, we have covered several reports to you. The thing is, the following questions are always asked by… Read More

iXensor PixoTest – A Great Assistant with Blood Glucose Monitoring

Many people suffer from diabetes, and the patients have to do regular and daily tests. Therefore, making the process sufficient and convenient is not just a trend, but also does great benefits to people suffering from diabetes.

Behold!! The world’s first modular smartwatch.

I recall that I once talked about the change of the music industry several years ago. More and more singers no longer sell the album with a lot of songs in it. And they have been selling/charging individual song online, therefore, the… Read More

Eye-Plug: Making Your Smartphone Cameras Professional.

  The external devices are always popular among most 3C product lovers. And if you ask me about my personal preference? It definitely has to be external lenses for cameras. Recently, we have been covering several new gadgets from Computex,… Read More