Google Has Confirmed the New Smartphone! Pixel Series Are on The Way?!


Yes, we have been waiting for a long time. According to the information from the official video and the event website, it is positive that we can welcome the arrival of Google Pixel Series smartphones on October 4th.

It is worthwhile to ruminate over its official video. Speaking of advertisement, I especially love the figurative way when the commercial video tries to give audience some hint and customers can’t really get the thing distinctly. As you can see in this extremely short and simple video, the rectangular shape keeps changing into vertical rectangle, and the date (October 4th) along with a colorful Google mark are finally shown on the both sides.


What’s more, there are a few words saying,” Something new to love on Oct. 4.” underneath the video, and the official website of Pixel is also attached. We can apparently guess there will be two smartphones (Pixel & Pixel XL) releasing this time.

For more information, please view our previous report HERE, or visit the Event Website.

Source: Saydigi

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