Month: September 2016

Yi Launched Its First Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera-M43

As a sub-brand of Mi, Yi is known for its action cameras and smart cameras. Just a few days ago, Yi launched its very first Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) of it own, priced at 2,199 RMB, and features m43 adaptor… Read More

Google Has Confirmed the New Smartphone! Pixel Series Are on The Way?!

Yes, we have been waiting for a long time. According to the information from the official video and the event website, it is positive that we can welcome the arrival of Google Pixel Series smartphones on October 4th.

Snapdragon 400 Still at Your Service? Angelic or Devilish?

The twentieth of September, a day that HTC announced the newest Desire series- HTC Desire 10 Pro and HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle. With great colors and quality appearance, these two smartphones have plentiful built-in functions. Though Desire 10 Pro… Read More

Meet Alcatel MoveTime WiFi Watch at 2016 IFA

  Wearable devices are always popular with various walks of life, depending on different requirements as well as points of views. Recently, At 2016 IFA, several well-known manufacturers released not few watches, such as Gear S3 of Samsung, ZenWatch 3… Read More

All in One- USB Type-C

An announcement made by HDMI (HDMI Licensing, LLC) on the 5th of September said the Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) for HDMI has officially come out. And for which the source devices with HDMI are now able to utilize USB Type-C to… Read More

Followed by Pokémon Frenzy, The Latest Fad- Pokémon Contact Lenses?

The word “frenzy” is not good enough to describe the giant upsurge of Pokémon Go in the whole world. When it comes to video game addiction, people can get really crazy and insane. There is no denying that… Read More

GARY- A Little Helper with Great Help

Do you have problem storing earphones, or got really tired of tangled earphone wires? Please meet GARY- It may be your best pal dealing with storing and tangling issues.

The Review of LG Smart Furniture [2016 IFA]

Nothing is warmer and sweeter than a well-furnished home.  Right on the first day of IFA, LG exhibited a series of appliances, and among all the new products, the smart refrigerator, oven and dish washer has come into focus…. Read More

XPUMP- Change the Way You Enjoy The Sounds.

Sound plays both vital and different roles in our life. Not only is it always around us; most important of all, It soothes our mind, and excites our senses. Many people love to listen to music, but maybe just a few of them really enjoy… Read More

Google Plans to Announce A New Series of Smartphone- Pixel

  A new era is coming, According to foreign media, Google is going to hold a new press conference on the 4th of October, and the reliable source indicates that the whole new smartphones “Pixel” and “Pixel XL… Read More