Month: February 2016

Overwhelmingly “KAWAII”- ROBOHON

Technology is always one of the most popular issues worth discussing. It influences modern people’s lives deeply and also changes the whole world’s trends with at an unbelievable velocity. In terms of ROTOBTS. Maybe approximately 20 years ago…. Read More

Reinventing Huawei’s Smartphone Photography, Leica Camera start a strategic partnership!

Huawei and Leica Camera are delighted to announce the start of a strategic partnership, a co-operation with shared premium ambitions and spirit, which will see both technology and photography brands combining their shared ethos in a long-term commitment… Read More

Step forward and make an important breakthrough- Samsung’s Dual Pixel auto focus

In February, 2016 at MWC, Samsung announced a crucial news, which is some of its new smartphones (Galaxy S7, so far as we know) will be equipped with the latest focus system, called Dual Pixel. When I first… Read More

Slimmer, prettier, and better-HTC One X9

At Mobile World Congress 2016, obviously, all manufactures make every effort to show the whole world about latest and cutting edge products of their own; and it’s not hard to tell that they all want to be the… Read More

Meet the King of Vessels-ASUS ZenPower Ultra

Just like Flash drives, the field of mobile power packs seem to be full of revolutions day by day. From the very first birth of mobile power pack, both inventors and users have been seeking stabler and faster… Read More

LG SmartThinQ Hub- Think Smart for you

Do you still remember the quote from “Jurassic World”- kids look at a Stegosaurus like an elephant from the city zoo. And when I saw a report of smart hubs, I also still remember the writer put- Smart… Read More

Mario Time!!

What is the first impression we can recall when it comes to the very first video game. No doubt about it, I guess most people would have the same answer as I have in mind.

You have budget consideration on smartphone? Take a look at LG X-cam and X screen.

Just right before the LG G5 Press Release, LG made some unexpected moves; The new X series: X-cam and X screen were announced as affordable smartphones for the users do not want to spend big money on smartphones,… Read More

Big Surprise for Your Lover via Facebook Messenger

The most romantic day of the year- Valentine’s Day-  A day that is really popular worldwide, especially among youngsters, worth celebrating over and over. Many people can feel endless romance in the air. Who wouldn’t like to last the romantic atmosphere for good and… Read More

Best Smartwatch by far?! Meet Pebble Time.

Though I don’t really use a smartwatch, this multifunctional watch, Pebble Time, has already caught my attention when I first heard of it. Pebble Time is the second generation of Pebble Smartwatch; and I was attracted when I… Read More