Month: April 2016

Asus Impresario SBW-S1 PRO, Satisfy Your Eagerness for Sound Quality

By fast development of modern media and mobile devices that have grown for the past few decades, people who really purchase CDs have dropped rapidly. And perhaps the only desire is buying them as collections.

Save Budget for You: Amazon Fire

Are you still looking for a tablet yet still don’t have too much budget? Well, you may pay attention to this product- “The 7-inch AMAZON FIRE”.

Squeeze More, Spare More: VAGO

When it comes to traveling, The popularity is on the rise year by year.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp: Make Your Closet Clean

Have some of these problems happened to you at times when you open the closet?

“Customized” – My Live Case

  I think no one would deny it if I put “opportunity is everywhere nowadays.”

Smartphone selection criteria

  When it comes to smartphones, we can literally say they are one of the most popular items in the world. And it would never be too exaggerated If someone claims that each person will have at least one smartphone in his hand in decade.

Sharing More-Livestream on facebook

Are you a sharing person? Since Facebook Live has been released, the interaction between you and your friends must be closer and better.

The Return of The King? HTC 10 Anylasis

With dominant specification and powerful functions as we mentioned weeks ago, HTC 10 has finally announced its release date on 15th of April.

LeeLuus Animal Night Lights- Playmates for Children

We were all once kids. Do you still remember how scared we were in the night from time to time, especially after seeing something horrendous or horror movies.

Check this out! Zenbook Flip and ZenWatch.

Just when all the manufactures are engaged in developing better and more practical products. ASUS, one of the greatest company in the world, is making some surprises to customers.