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Meet Alcatel MoveTime WiFi Watch at 2016 IFA

  Wearable devices are always popular with various walks of life, depending on different requirements as well as points of views. Recently, At 2016 IFA, several well-known manufacturers released not few watches, such as Gear S3 of Samsung, ZenWatch 3… Read More

Your Professional Health Advisor- Vitastiq 2

As busy people in modern world, how many of us have to eat out, and how many of us get to understand our dietary situation, or pay attention to our diet. I am afraid the answer is mostly… Read More

Your Home Guardian-Automist Smartscan

Accidents happen from time to time. We can never predict when or where they are going to happen, but we can prevent, guard or provide against bad things by doing precautions well. Firer are great causes of accident in many families,… Read More

iPin, Making Your iPhone A Camera Ruler.

It seems that we have seen a lot of magic spread at 2016 Computex. And amazingly, from now on, you can have new experience of measuring things with ease. A team has  developed an entirely new app call iPin… Read More

Sony Xperia X series will be unveiled on Jun 8 !

Since Sony launched the whole new Xperia series – Xperia X in MWC, we finally got official unveiled invitation in Taiwan!

Step into The US Market: New MI Set Top Box

MI-Corporation just announced its collaboration with Google. And is going to launch Mi Box, which is a 4K Android TV set-top box.

“Customized” – My Live Case

  I think no one would deny it if I put “opportunity is everywhere nowadays.”

Apple iCar, Can you imagine that?

It is universal that people love to pursue great things in the world, especially things from a world-famous company- Apple.

iTron- Recahrge itself in minutes

Battery consumption is always a bothering issue for all the cellphone users. Most people would like to carry a portable power bank in case the battery runs flat. Interestingly, Even power bank requires a long time to recharge… Read More

Do You Want to Enjoy Acoustic Sounds, Try JVC Wooden Headphone.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said,” Without music, life would be a mistake.” From eighteenth century on, (Actually, according to the history, music seems to appear four thousand years ago) people started listening to music and appreciating it.