Snapdragon 400 Still at Your Service? Angelic or Devilish?


The twentieth of September, a day that HTC announced the newest Desire series- HTC Desire 10 Pro and HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle. With great colors and quality appearance, these two smartphones have plentiful built-in functions. Though Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle are both positioned as middle-end smartphones, their exterior and interior make these two smartphones phenomenal and out of ordinary.

In universe, newer smartphones will usually, or I should say mostly, be featuring newer technology and better functions. But these two smartphones, kind of weirdly, use Snapdragon 400 Mobile Processor, which is rather “not new enough” for new smartphones nowadays. As we all know, Snapdragon 400 has been in the line of business for approximately twenty years. Therefore, we make a reasonable, also bold, prediction that HTC determine to do so because of an intention of clearing off old stock.


Trace back to the year of 2014, HTC launched two sensational cellphones- Desire 816 and 610. With young and rakish looks, as well as big screen and small body, I still remember how these two smartphone went viral rapidly in just a few days; and, the massive production of S400 might be the main cause that HTC has manufactured too many Snapdragon 400 Mobile Processors then.


The truth is, there was the inkling shown in 2014. As we mentioned above, HTC released Desire 816 and 610 in May, 2014. And Desire 820 (equipped with S615 Processor) was launched in November in the same year. However, the software has been growing so fast worldwide that all cellphone manufacturers have also been forced to upgrade their smartphones in a short period of time. As a result, over manufacturing of Snapdragon 400, unfortunately, became excess and obsolete part in stock.


Besides HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, Desire 825 and Desire 630 (both not launched yet), will use S400 Mobile Processor as well. It’s not hard but only with a little observation, that you are able to realized HTC still has S400 Mobile Processors in abundance.


Well, I am not saying it must be terrible that smartphones equipped with S400, nor am I criticizing the company for clearing off the stock. For not all customers purchase smartphones based on smartphones’ efficacy and efficiency, but on budgets and prices. Since it has become a fact that S400 is now the excess part. I do hope HTC can consume S400 appropriately and relevantly, and then be well-prepared to come back again.


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