Your Next Pet: The Smart Backpack- BACKPAIX


Multifunction seems to be the basis of developing a new product; and frankly, consumers are getting smarter and smarter, considering functionality as one of very vital factor while purchasing a product. Speaking of a modern backpack, storing stuff is never enough, a backpack with many functions to meet all kinds of use is just essential. BACKPAIX is invented by a team of professionals who are well versed with design. It time for you to meet this superb backpack.

Loving taking photos with a single lens camera, I personally usually go out with at least 2 lenses plus flashlight and other devices. The bulky equipment and personal belongings make my backpack unacceptably heavy and difficult to carry, not to mention if I still want a laptop or extra items with me. A lot of people may have bought several bags due to diverse demands, and also, I know there are many pretty functional bags available in the stores. However, taking out the specific items I want, or grabbing something has been stored deeply inside the bag is still a major problem. I have no choice but to put down my bag so as to easier fetch the things. Well, BACKPAIX is your solution to it.





Designed by a team from Taiwan, (a country abounding in upscale textile goods with superb quality) BACKPAIX is basically designed for urban commuters. Versatile and Stylish, especially suitable for the fast-paced city life. BACKPAIX is environmental-friendly. The team built BACKPAIX with recycled materials, and the multi-padding design allows you to  store large and tiny stuff quickly and easily, from a single lens camera to gadgets, from laptop to tablet, or even from charging your smartphone to opening a bottle. What’s more, BACKPAIX has 30L capacity, and surprisingly, it is able to connect to your smartphone app; you can design the emojis by yourself and show them on the bag.( I have to say this team developed BACKPAIX based on my ideal bag in mind. LOL)



BACKPAIX (without accessories) is priced at $159 USD on kickstarter. Wanna know more features? please visit its official page.

Source: Saydigi


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