How “Salty” Are You!? Check this Salinity Meter out


We all know that health issue is particularly significant, but most of us cannot really pay more attention to it due to the busy life and business. Or some of us just want to enjoy yummy delicacy without caring about content or nutrition of the foods. In fact, sodium intake (from salt) plays an important role of daily diet; taking too much salt may do harm to you gradually.

A salinity meter developed by Japanese, looking just like a thermometer/ hydrometer, can tell your food’s salinity within just 5 seconds. The figures range between 0.3% – 1.5%. (the normal figure is 0.9%). The information of a variety survey tells us taking to much salinity may possibly lead to high blood pressure, stroke, gastritis caused by stomach lining damage. What’s worse, people may face increasing risks of kidneys problem, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis and heart disease.


It features

  • A push of the START Key, measuring with ease.
  • Press the ZERO Key, calibration is done.
  • Easy reading with a digital display.
  • Reliable for all samples. (0- 90 degrees Celsius.)

Adding salt is a critical process in food manufacturing as it has great effect on the color, taste, and texture of food. All in all, monitoring the what you take from food every day can never be neglected, and we cannot ignore the importance of salinity taking. This Salinity Meter will definitely be your guardian toward salinity.



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