All in One: Amazing TARAbrella


You can never predict the weather precisely, nor can the weather bureau. The changes of the climate are always in just a minute. Have you ever been in a rainy day without an umbrella. As a matter of fact, that happened to me from time to time. Well, it time for you to meet “The World’s First Super Umbrella”-TARAbrella

The new company “TARA” has recently fundraised a super umbrella- TARAbrella on indiegogo. As the saying goes, a good product sells itself. Consumers will always be attracted to products with wonders. And one greatest signature of TARAbrella is it has weather detection system, offering users great convenience beyond your imagination. Honestly speaking, I am not a person who is easily convinced, to believe an ” weather- detection umbrella is quite difficult for me. If you have the same doubt as I do, now let’s take a look at the pros of TARAbrella. and together, we find out if it is convincible.


First, TARAbrella is capable of forecasting weather accurately, because it doesn’t provide long period of prediction, but predict a short time/ approximate 6 hours instead. Therefore, you can make an easy decision if you want to bring your umbrella before leaving home.



second, no worries about losing umbrella again because there is a built-in prevention system; once you detach its wireless pocket fob, store it in the pocket, and, the pocket fob will “beep” as a reminder if you leave your umbrella within 30 feet. which means, misplacing or leaving your umbrella is out of the question.


Next, Flashlight on! TARAbrella is equipped with an ultrabright LED at the crown, in case you are in some specific situation such as walking in the dark paths or in fog. Additionally, providing visiblilty of your presence to motorists as well as keeping you safe and sound.


Then, I had a lot of tough times opening and closing the umbrella, or even pinching my own fingers while doing so. Now TARAbrella’s safety runner ensures these won’t happen to you. Both patented and durable, its runner and framework, constructed of a carbon-fiber material, are five times stronger than steel. At last, TARAbrella still features some exquisite designs- it weighs less than an iPhone. (this does surprise me.) Stylish and most importantly, ergonomic, fitting your hand well so you don’t have a sore hand.



Everything becomes smart in the modern world. A smart umbrella may be a “must” for you though. Would you like to have a TARAbrella and enjoy the walking in the rain? Yes, I would.

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