Eye-Plug: Making Your Smartphone Cameras Professional.



The external devices are always popular among most 3C product lovers. And if you ask me about my personal preference? It definitely has to be external lenses for cameras. Recently, we have been covering several new gadgets from Computex, and now I would like to introduce you “Eye-Plug,” an external lens particularly designed for Android smartphones.

Invented by Weeview, shown at 2016 Computex, Eye-Plug Lens weighs only 6 grams, which is as lightweight and small as OTG flash drive. Its tiny and nifty body makes the use of it never easier ever; believe me on this, it is never bothering just to carry it in your bag, even your pocket. Besides, Weeview launches dual versions- micro USB and USB Type-C to correspond to diverse Android smartphones. It doesn’t matter you possess a new one or old one, Eye-Plug can be simply used whatever and whenever you want.


Users can rotate the camera 180 degrees (Eye-Plug USB edition) so as to be applied to both primary and secondary cameras. Best of all, the detailed information of the pictures will be recorded, allowing users to retouch or doctor the photos at will. As for Type-C edition, users can install it frontwards or backwards for both cameras, which means it doesn’t rotate like Eye-Plug USB edition.

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Eye-Plug has f2.0 aperture and the size of each photo is 1,920 x 1,920 pixels in height and width. The quality of 3D videos is 720P/30FPS. Additionally, you can also download Eye-Plug App, so that you can have direct functions such as filming 3D videos, retouching and editing photos, but do remember, you may have a problem installing or using Eye-Plug due to different viewing angles if the USB jack is on the side of your smartphone. Please pay attention to it while purchasing.



In fact, the functions of Eye-Plug are similar to HTC One M8′ and HTC Butterfly 2′ cameras. However, Eye-Plug gathers detailed information of photos and then users retouch them through exclusive APP. For example, the depth of field and focus reset (photos), color adjustment and style setting (videos) are all adjustable.

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In my view, spending 1490 NTD for an external lens, whether or not you love taking pictures with smartphones. I would say it is totally a bargain, and of course, worth buying at all. micro USB edition is already for sale online, yet USB Type-C will be released in the third quarter. Please visit its official page for more information.


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