Behold!! The world’s first modular smartwatch.


I recall that I once talked about the change of the music industry several years ago. More and more singers no longer sell the album with a lot of songs in it. And they have been selling/charging individual song online, therefore, the listeners are able to choose the songs and tracks they dig instead of buying the whole album, which is a great idea and also make a win win situation for both. And we have long been aware that things must change themselves or they will be changed in soon.

The product we are going to introduce to you is called BLOCKS Smartwatch, starting as a project on kickstarter with 5063 backers pledging $1,613,874 to help bring this project to life. which also means it has already raised $1613874 dollars. This is really sensational as a new online product.

Customization is the most suitable word for BLOCKS Smartwatch. Customers can choose the features and designs that best suit their lifestyle and needs. Firstly, the extra functionality of your watch can be infinitely expanded, upgraded and added new stuff as simple as you build the Lego bricks. Second, people never get tired of customizing things of their own. Every time I play games online or offline, character creation and customization is always the best experience of the games; and the variety of modules of Blocks smartwatch is on rise, the vision of infinite possibilities is already in sight.


Next, according to the official website, each module has its own unique feature. so I’d like to talk about the different part of “MODULE” briefly.

  • Battery Module- Designed to provide battery charging and extend the battery life.
  • Programmable Button Module- It’s said users can assign this module to a function, a watch, phone, or other connected devices.
  • Flashlight Module- Using a white LED Light, the developers emphasize they are adding more on it. Such as strength control-light dimming or vice versa. Adjusting beam angle and so on.
  • GPS Module- Not only does it providing positioning accurately, but also longitude and latitude data.
  • Heart Rate Module- Using excellent low power tiny heart rate sensors, it provides the BPM and allows users to track heart rate throughout the day.
  • Adventure Module- A 3-in-1 sensor (digital humidity, pressure and temperature sensors)

Time to make a summary. The battery can last for 36 hours and BLOCKS has made an announcement on kickstarter- In response to people’s passion and feedback, the smartwatch will equip Gorilla glass in return as a favor. Can’t wait to have one. I bet you will.

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