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When it comes to smartphones, we can literally say they are one of the most popular items in the world. And it would never be too exaggerated If someone claims that each person will have at least one smartphone in his hand in decade.

According to the survey, the smartphone users worldwide has reached an incredibly large number- 2082.7 million people in 2016. And surprisingly, this trend never seems to stop. On the contrary, each manufacture’s market share has a tendency to grow even bigger.



However, here what we really want to talk to you about, is since smartphones has already become such necessary gadgets to modern people, what factors matter most to smartphone users (ranged from the young to the old). in the year 2010, a poll indicated that the following orders make people “choose” their smartphones.


(1) Hardware design and features

(2) Manufacturer brand name

(3) Network technology – GSM, CDMA, 4G

(4) Operating system and interface

(5) Included/ Available software

(6) Wireless carrier

(7) Cost


As a matter of fact, you may agree or disagree depending your personal opinion. But now, A group of university students from Taiwan just made an announcement “Smartphones and College Students” which revealed a lot of interesting results. And among all the results, one factor surprised me a lot, which is how students choose to buy new smartphones on the market .


To begin with, the questionnaires done by the students between the age of 18-22 showed 58.4% students are pretty much aware that using cellphones too long can hurt eyes, yet there are 48.1% students spend 4-8 hours using smartphones every day.


second, up to 72.5% students care so much about functions and “Battery run-time” while other students focus on camera and Price/cost-performance ratio, and there are mere 9.9% student care bout displays. As for the last point, almost all students would rather understand pros and cons of smartphones on internet forum or friends’ recommendation than TV commercials. Only 5.9 students judge smartphones by commercials.

5 6

Okay, The outcome is kind of interesting, because it a bit doesn’t exactly meet or match what I have expected in mind. I can only say the youngsters are changing, and the changes may influence other people quickly. Additionally, Samsung plans to go into campus and  hold several experience activities and other competitions for students. I believe we can have more great information for you then.


Source: Saydigi



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