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I think no one would deny it if I put “opportunity is everywhere nowadays.”

Since smartphones got particularly popular and has already become an iconic modern symbol. It’s universal to see a variety of products that are created for all sorts of cellphones. From Accessories to peripheral products. From the young to the old. It has long been a fact that people from all walks of life absolutely have smartphones in hands.

Smartphone cases are definitely by far one of the best-selling products worldwide. And now Google doesn’t want to fall behind other smartphone manufactures. It is going to publish its own customized smartphone cases for Nexus. What we are aware so far is there are two types cases named MY LIVE CASE; Users can design their own cases with pictures or Google Maps by their preferences for Nexus 5X, 6m and 6P.


As you can see in the picture, two kinds of cases are shown in different colors and distinctive types, named Photos Live Case and Places Live case respectively.

According to the introduction, users can choose the patterns they want and make their personal cases through different filters and colors, and, what comes the best is the cases can be matched with the specific themes only if users have “Live Case” application. However, the relative products and app are not released yet. But this project has already made a competitive move.


Doesn’t it sound great? Please be patient and soon you are able to make use of your imagination and creation to show your personal style.

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