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Are you a sharing person? Since Facebook Live has been released, the interaction between you and your friends must be closer and better.

The creation of instant message has massively changed the way people communicate;  saying nothing of how “Facebook Live” has brought the online-communication to another level.

Indeed, for long, online interaction has getting incredibly active and diversified. By using Facebook Live, people are rolling out their circle of connection. And now, I guess all the Facebook Live lover must be “super delighted”  because Facebook has added some surprising interactive features to Facebook Live such as: Invite Friends, Live Reactions, Live Filters and so on. With all these new functions, your friends can now give their feedbacks quicker and better. For example, you can send invitation to your friends to watch your live video, especially for those friends who happen to not be online, in other word, you share your live video with more cheer and fun. And viewers can express their feelings in real time during a live broadcast; they can select interesting animations to show how they feel, and meanwhile, other viewers get a sense of it. As for Live Filters, also my favorite new function, allows users to draw or doodle on their videos while alive. When I heard of this news, I was like “WOW”, this is totally awesome!!


Actually, there are more great functions for you to enjoy and expect, Can’t wait to have more ways to interact and communicate with your friends on Facebook. Let’s looking forward to it together. Will be surprised by upcoming stuff? I bet we will.

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