LeeLuus Animal Night Lights- Playmates for Children


We were all once kids. Do you still remember how scared we were in the night from time to time, especially after seeing something horrendous or horror movies.

I suppose that most children in the world are afraid of darkness. And now you may have a good option to help your kids feel better before they sleep. A studio from Finland called LeeLuus has designed a soft, touch controlled, and animialized night lights to assist children with falling asleep.


The studio’s designers are from Sweden, Finland and Germany respectively; and they are specialized in industrial and textile design. Together, they have created several animal appearances night lights such as owl, porcupine and cat. And of course, all the products meet the standard safety specification.


With just a single flash driver cable, users can simply and fully recharge the battery in 20 hours. Unbelievably, the temperature of LED lights don’t just go up, on the contrary, it remains cool. And the fabric surface is washable. The nigiht lights are touch-sensitive; therefore, they light up and dim once your children touch, pat or hug them, which means your children can also play with them just like dolls.


Aren’t they playable and useful! Get more information on its official website.

Source: Saydigi

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