Check this out! Zenbook Flip and ZenWatch.


Just when all the manufactures are engaged in developing better and more practical products. ASUS, one of the greatest company in the world, is making some surprises to customers.

Now it has just released an eye-opener- Zenbook Flip UX360CA notebook computer. I feel really excited about this new product. Actually, this is the very first time ASUS adds a convertible notebook to its ZenBook UX line.


As we all know, ASUS has long been a pioneer, especially specializes in laptops and tablets. Obviously, ASUS tries to put “Flip” ingredient into business-styled Zenbook, and with this bold move, the whole Zenbook line is now indeed more innovative and fit better for more users.

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The Asus ZenBook Flip UX360CA is equipped with an Intel Core M  processor, and a 13.3 inch touchscreen display (several display modes are available: high efficiency mode, multiuser mode and so on; what makes it particularly special is it has a 360 degree hinge that allow users to fold the screen backward in tablet mode. Not only that, ZenBook Flip also has 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage, and amazingly, the battery lasts rather long-up to 12 hours. In general, it is great in both multifunction and efficiency.

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Next, ZenBook Flip has another feature- Sound Quality. What makes its sound quality fantastic? Here is the answer, with up to 1240 0.4mm sound holes and exclusive SonicMaster technique plus AudioWizard technology,  music appreciation is totally a feast for users.


A USB Type-C port (Gen 1), two USB 3.0 ports are available, and users can insert it both upward and downward, which is more direct and convenient. In addition, Zenbook Flip offers expansion interface such as micro HDMI and SD Card Reader. To sum up, users can easily use ZenBook Flip to deal with business and daily usage.


Besides laptops, ASUS also released ZenWatch 2 special edition. the special edition is featured Swarovski crystal belt with EasyCard chip in-built. Furthermore, The rechargeable belt comes in different styles, general, leather, and metal. Hence, ZenWatch 2 radiates unique and luxurious feelings and are possibly easily preferred by people who dig fashion. Not only that, users are able to use ZenWatch 2 with Android Wear 6.0 operating system and operate with Chinese interface Via Android or iOS smartphones.

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So, would you like to wear something different on your wrist and make big distinction from other people, or even show your individual tastes, I believe you can take ZenWatch 2 into your consideration. For further information (prices/ editions) please visit the official website.


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