Orignal and novel-Obi MV1 Smartphone


At MWC 2016, Obi Worldphone showed the media and public a new wonder of the smartphone world. It’s called Obi MV1.

Obi Worldphone is a noted incorporation founded by John Sculley, the vice president of Apple Inc, and in fact, Obi Worldphone has three new products- Obi MV1, Obi SF1, and Obi SJ1.5. Today, I am making a brief introduction of Obi MV1 and let’s discover something interesting together.


At first glance, you find no difficulties realizing why the official claims Obi MV1 “Perfect Balance”. It merges style with substance. First, Obi MV1 has a standout floating display that is set above the phone body, making it looks like that the screen hovers over the phone. (Honestly, I do dig this new design.)


Second, Obi MV1 has a long lasting display because it is made from Gorilla Glass- one kind of glass with excellent durability and it is smudge-free. (In my opinion, this is the best part of it.) Next, which is particularly noteworthy, I can’t not talk too much about it unique shape, Obi MV1’s top edge cuts off sharply while its bottom follows the curve of the display; and for this, I would say, this is by far a unprecedented design that I personally adore very much. At last, it is high time we check out the specifications of Obi MV1.


  • Demensions             145.6*72.6*8.95mm
  • Weight                       149g
  • Build                         Polycarbonate body
  • Finish                        Anti-fade UV coating, smudge-free matte finish
  • OS                             Android 5.1 Lollipop, Cyanogen OS 12.1.1
  • Chipset                     Qualcomm Snapdragon 212
  • CPU                          1.3 GHz quad-core
  • Internal m-card      16GB+1GB RAM/ 16GB+2GB
  • Slot                            RAM micro SD, up to 64GB
  • Primary Cam                     8MP, f/2.2, autofocus
  • Secondary Cam     2MP
  • Battery Capacity   2500mAh Li-Ion battery

A smartphone will acquire it popularity easily once it has intuitive operation, Obi MV1 is definitely a new smartphone that possesses this sort of quality. Obi MV1 is releasing in Asia and Africa first, Latin America and Europe later in March. We will keep following the latest news of Obi MV1 for you.

Source: Saydigi   Obi Worldphone

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