Fozen from Taiwan- FreezeTHAT!


I can still recall a funny video with a man shouting, “Taiwan No.1.” Interestingly, that clip did make Taiwan get quite a reputation for a while; And now, a company comes from Taiwan named “THAT!”, which has already won several international prizes, has created a terrific product- FreezTHAT!

Perhaps this “cool” name doesn’t make people understand clearly what it is, or how it works. As a matter of fact, most people, including me, may come up with a term when first see FreezTHAT! That is, ice cube tray; No denying, it is really a tray that makes ice cubes, but you will find some other differences of it after you realize it with the following introduction.



First, I would like to start with a brief introduction of this company “THAT!” The company has been dedicated to developing kitchenware and houseware for years, and its group members state that with over twenty years’ experience, they have always tried to make peoples’ dreams come true, and they create new products in order to improve mankind’s life and enhance the quality of life. What’s more, they have won several international prizes so far. In my own view, I specifically admire those companies that are beneficial for wellbeing.




Now let’s move on and know more about FreezTHAT! FreezThat has simple and gorgeous appearance. And its looks? Just like a snowflake, and this snowflake shaped tray is stackable, which means you can easily put them in the fridge or freezer, and you can also separate the ice cubes from the tray effortlessly. With its special design, the water will become ice in ten minutes after you lay the tray in the freezer. What is worth mentioning is, each ice cube is shaped in triangular pyramid, and for this, you may spread out your own creativity, making something unique and appealing.





Are you interested in it now? Please visit the official website THAT! Or go to Kickstarter to set up your pre-order.

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