You have budget consideration on smartphone? Take a look at LG X-cam and X screen.

You have budget consideration on smartphone? Take a look at LG X-cam and X screen.


Just right before the LG G5 Press Release, LG made some unexpected moves; The new X series: X-cam and X screen were announced as affordable smartphones for the users do not want to spend big money on smartphones, or for the users who may not have the big budget for the latest smartphones.


X-cam, I personally am a bit shocked with, has a dual-camera on the back (one is 13MP, while the other is 5MP) and is equipped with good specs. Not only these, X-cam is also rumored to have 3 colors available- Titan Silver/ White/ Gold/ Pink Gold.


Dual-cam picture source: tech-maniak

Let’s take a browse at its brief specs

  • 5.2 inch FHD In-cell Touch Screen
  • 1.14GHz Octa-Core Chipset
  • 13MP & 5MP (back) / 8MP (front) Cameras
  • 2GB RAM/ 16GB ROM Memory
  • 2520mAh Battery

What’s better: X-cam is lightweight and also uses LG’s seamless Bending Glass, which means X-cam features a curved finish on the front, making users be able to hold it comfortably.

As for X screen, you may find out it makes just a few differences from X-cam, especially on specs. Yet we still have to talk about the diversity. X screen has a main screen (4.93-inch HD In-cell) and a “always-on” second screen (1.76 inch. And is available on LG V10). Best of all, users can do “many” with the second screen, such as app usage, music playing, time checking and some other notifications.

X screen comes in 3 colors: Black / White/ Pink Gold


  • 4.93 inch HD In-cell Touch screen, 1.76 inch LCD
  • 1.2GHz Quad-Core Chipset
  • 13MP (back)/ 8MP (front) Cameras
  • 2GB RAM/ 16GB ROM Memory
  • 2300mAh Battery

We don’t have further information about country of origin, or the selling price. However, we do know that X-cam and X screen will definitely be announced at MWC. Please follow us and find out more.

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