Mario Time!!

Mario Time!!


What is the first impression we can recall when it comes to the very first video game. No doubt about it, I guess most people would have the same answer as I have in mind.


Super Mario, alternatively called the Super Mario Bros, is a platform video games created by Nintendo, and first appeared in the year 1985, which was the time when Nintendo Entertainment System went super popular in the whole world.


Now you can recollect the pleasant flavor of your childhood memory and piece them together- Nintendo has just released a series of desktop and smartphone wallpaper.


First off, please go to Super Mario Maker official website, and you may start making your own background; and , of course, you can choose either desktop or smartphone version.


Second, choose the screen dpi of the device with resolution you preferred. (up to 1920*1080)


Okay, and now is the best part of the program, you are able to make your own wallpaper by having a variety of options on backgrounds, locations and even the small items seem trivial but making big difference. It is just like you have your personal canvas on your computer and smartphone. Isn’t it fantastic? Just visit the website and “paint” your own wallpaper.


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