Big Surprise for Your Lover via Facebook Messenger

Big Surprise for Your Lover via Facebook Messenger

The most romantic day of the year- Valentine’s Day-  A day that is really popular worldwide, especially among youngsters, worth celebrating over and over. Many people can feel endless romance in the air. Who wouldn’t like to last the romantic atmosphere for good and all?



Facebook released a new feature for whoever has Facebook Messenger on Valentine’s Day. But…how to use this surprising feature for yourself and your beloved ones?

First of all, it requires the latest version of Facebook Messenger, and it’s done. This new feature are able to be used on both iOS and Android. Now whenever you try to send a message on the app on Valentine’s Day, you realize that there’s a little heart with an arrow right at the end. After you have the heart clicked, you also have your gift wrapped; then the only thing you have to do is finish typing your sweet words, and send your words, so that your love will receive a surprise- the gift-wrapped message. With a simple “click” on the icon, the message filling with your love will be sent. How astounding!! Please don’t miss it out on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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