Best Smartwatch by far?! Meet Pebble Time.

Best Smartwatch by far?! Meet Pebble Time.

Though I don’t really use a smartwatch, this multifunctional watch, Pebble Time, has already caught my attention when I first heard of it. Pebble Time is the second generation of Pebble Smartwatch; and I was attracted when I saw and understood the basic specifications of it. Let’s take a shortcut and have a “peek” at it.


Pebble time is compatible with Android 4.0+ as well as iOS 6+, and it has music and voice control. It uses backlit screen and clock hand movement vibration as notification methods. As for notifications, unbelievably, are way too much more than I expected. The basic items are, for example, alarm, calendar reminder, email, facebook, google hangout, incoming call, and Instagram, all I mentioned above are just half of them. And what is more, Pebble Time is dust, shock, and waterproof with 50m water resistance.


After realizing the specs, perhaps you would like to know some details about the design. Honestly, I guess Pebble Time is entirely unparalleled at present. I will just put a few great ideas/features here.

  • Wireless charging
  • Custom App
  • Protective Case
  • Heart Rate
  • Sync with phone

Moreover, users can either enter Active Mode during your workout to track the heartrate in real time or remain in Passive Mode for ultimate battery conservation. Most importantly, users can use Apple Health or Google Fit to seamlessly sync with your iPhone or Android device.


So, you, even me, may start wondering how Active and Passive mode work. According to the statement, The TYLT VÜ Pulse is the “KEY”. It brings fitness tracking to your Pebble Time. Users are able to get the accurate heart rate measurements in real time by using the principles of Photoplethysmography. (for detailed information, please visit KICKSTARTER.

And there is another user-friendly design- Pebble Time is thinner than before, and it is a bit curved on the back, which offers users great and comfortable feeling while wearing it. I cannot talk too much about Pebble Time at this moment, for it is really a great smartwatch in my opinion. With all the functions and advantages, Pebble Time is definitely superior to its first generation. And obviously, it has the most aggressive design than other smartphones on the market. Why don’t you act now and have a try by yourself?

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