Easier, Safer, Meet the 4moms self-installing car seat

Easier, Safer, Meet the 4moms self-installing car seat

Parenthood has always been a significant issue for all fathers and mothers in the world. As a father, I always put my children’s safety before everything; especially in terms of driving safety. No one should make a mockery of things about lives of mankind.

Therefore, making a proper choice on purchasing car seats can never be sloppily. However, according to my personal experience, installing a car seat is somehow rather troublesome and struggling. Now there’s no need for parents to worry about that anymore. 4moms (a company dedicated to making innovative baby products) just released their new self- installing car seat


Just attach the base’s anchors to the hooks in the car, and the car seat will automatically level and tension itself in a proper way. In addition, the related application offers installation instructions, users can also use this app to monitor the status of the seat, and it tells users the problems such as loose belt, even informing the ways to fix the problems.


The new technology that used on this car seat is also quite incredible, for instance, the 4moms allows users to input the car’s model and then it gives recommendation on the best place to install a car seat. It follows the growth of babies’ and make users aware when they should adjust the seat.

Please get more information from its official website if you have great interest in this car seat. After all, safety is our top priority.

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