Make a clear distinction between VR & AR

Make a clear distinction between VR & AR

Virtual Reality, so called VR, is always a popular topic of all time. Yet, we don’t really get that much of the exact idea of it. In fact, VR means that we use computers to create or replicates settings that simulate places with physical presence in the real or an imaginary world.

As for Augmented Reality, AR, In my words, I would say it is more like we put some special effects to augment elements in the physical environment. All these augmented elements, such as sound and graphics, are generated by computer. Take Sony smartphones as an example, when you take a picture of a table, you may add some “not real items” on the table. (as shown below). So you know that only the table is real. This is the idea of AR.


Let’s take another example. We can see the sports scores on TV during a match with the assistance of advanced AR Technology when you watch a sport event.


In short, you can say both VR and AR are sensory, however, VR is more like a simulated world while AR is more like putting augmented stuff in real world.

Next, let’s talk about further information about VR.

-some are wireless    -easy to utilize    -affordable    -You may get dizzy easily

for instance: Google Cardboard Samsung Gear VR

In the other hand

-wired ones make games more real and fluent (the most important one)    -higher price

for instance: HTC VIVE Oculus Rift.

Hope this information make VR and AR more understandable, the development of VR’s usage and application is moving forward day by day. We look forward to seeing it making big difference on our lives.

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