Quickest and safest, “Withings Thermo”

Quickest and safest, “Withings Thermo”

I don’t really like the feeling every time I have to put something into my body to take the temperature. Here we have a new breakthrough in this issue.

The brand new “Withings Thermo” is an amazing cutting-edge invention for temperature taking. Equipped with infrared system, “Thermo” has 16 sensors that can find the hot spots on your head only by put it against your forehead around your temple. It will acquire more than 4000 statistics/data and your temperature will be shown accurately.


On the other hand, it is said the quickest thermometer on earth. It takes your temperature and inform you directly. Still, it can take the temperatures for multiple users, and the temperature will be displayed on its own body without screen. Also, this is a good and simple way to keep track of your temperature changing.


This new product has already won two awards at CES (consumer Technology Association). Its price may be a bit higher, but your health is absolutely worth it.

Source: Popular Science

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