GARY- A Little Helper with Great Help


Do you have problem storing earphones, or got really tired of tangled earphone wires? Please meet GARY- It may be your best pal dealing with storing and tangling issues.

I believe that we all had bad experience whenever we try to put earphone wires away and come to a realization that the tangled wires were really killing us. We had no choice but to jam them anywhere, or wasting lot of time untangling them, which made the moment kind of awkward from time to time.

As the official quote goes, “GARY solves a most common problem of any Earphone user – Giving one a relief from struggling with tangled wires.” There are four major advantages of GARY- Protects, Less stress, Prolongs cable life, and Saves time. GARY is especially made to make difference from the traditional automatic winders; for instance, it has a Minimalistic design instead of a “Cheap” glossy plastic look. Then, the Matt silicone finish is scratch resistant, which is way better than a traditional, easily scratched one. Finally, GARY is truly quality built, stylish and trendy.

As you can see in the pictures, GARY is quite easy to use, and offer better protection for your earphones.



We all live under great pressure, challenges and problems come toward us constantly. No matter how much you like to take your chances or you are the person who is able to embrace challenges, still, we need some quality time and moment to find the inner peace; hence, listening to music and immersing in it is absolutely one of the best ways to deal with life pressure, Therefore, please don’t let arrangement of earphones may  another annoying problem.

If I can have totally enjoy music without burdens, why not?

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