The Review of LG Smart Furniture [2016 IFA]


Nothing is warmer and sweeter than a well-furnished home.  Right on the first day of IFA, LG exhibited a series of appliances, and among all the new products, the smart refrigerator, oven and dish washer has come into focus. Well, what indeed surprised me is that LG has been working hard on developing something really phenomenal to upgrade public’s life, and LG surely did a good job on it.

Now let’s take a quick tour and learn more. In terms of smart fridge, LG especially states the new smart fridge is “energy” and “electricity” saving, and interestingly, it has a 29-inch screen with window operating system, which means users are able to download the apps they like; now, the refrigerator is more than a refrigerator. You can even do things like searching for recipes, checking weather, leaving messages and so on. Best of all, with a simple touch, the door can be a transparent screen so that you can see through it and find out what inside the fridge without opening the door. Wow, not only can we keep the food fresh, but also save a lot of energy.

Next, the design of microwave is wonderful as well. Simplicity and neatness may be the best description. The point is the “NeoChef” microwave can be used to make yogurt and chocolate. Again, LG has made a microwave more than what it used to be.


Finally, the dish washer. The originally created SteamClean System conserves more water for you. And the patented TrueSteam System which cleans dishes with high temperature is definitely a great plus. From now on, doing the dishes is no longer a hard job. You can make it easier and more elegant.


LG itself has made massive progress, and enhance our lives relatively. The smarter the furniture is, the more convenient the life will be.

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