Put2Go- Your Best Helper in Car.


Aiming to simplifying your life, we created Put2Go as the simplest solution for in-car wireless charging. It seems you can easily find a USB Port in your car so as to charge any kind of electric devices, of course, including charging smartphones. Yet where to put your smartphone becomes another little drag here. Yes, that’s why we created Put2Go.

We love to fulfill what we believe. You simply put your phone on the magnetic phone dock. It will hold your phone and charge it at the same time. Put2Go is definitely the most convenient solution on the market to date. Please try it and we believe we will see eye to eye on this point.


Here are some great features of Put2Go.

  •  Hands-free mode- The wireless function encourages you to use your phone in hands-free mode. There is no need to fuss with power cables while driving. It could save your life.
  • Power compatibility- Compatible with all phones containing Qi power wireless technology.
  • Fast charging- Put2Go offers 1A out put, It changes twice as fast as cables.
  • Rare earth magnet for reliable clamping.- The rare earth magnets inside Put2Go will hold your phone firmly, so there is no issue-even on bumpy roads.
  • Improved reliability- Mounts onto your air vents to ensure good airflow for convective cooling, reduces the possibility of your phone overheating.
  • Versatile ball and socket joint- 360-degrees rotation plus 15-degrees ball join swivel for limitless possibilities including portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Android & iOS compatibility- With the use of our adaptor, Put2Go can work with most smartphones on the market, including iPhone and Android.
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Not only does the advantages above Put2Go have, but it offers 1A output and twice the standard USB output. Which allows you to charge and use navigation app at the same time. Furthermore, Put2Go will also be suitably used at home and office, saving both your money and time.


Put2Go is now fundraising on kickstarter, and I believe it will be in the process of flow production. Please don’t miss this great product out then.

Source: Saydigi  Put2Go

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