A Brief Talk on Waterproof of Smartphones


Summer is approaching, and it seems waterproof becomes a relative term when speaking of the raising awareness of waterproof smartphones. What smartphone do you have in mind? I bet the first impression comes up might be Sony Xperia Z series. Moreover, The new Samsung Galaxy Note7 features both iris recognition and waterproofing, making it get a lot of attention. So, I would like to talk about the meaning and levels of waterproofing.

First off, let open the curtain by introducing you “IPXX”, “IP is the abbreviation of (International Protection Marking, IEC 60529) or Ingress Protection Rating)as for XX, they means the first and second figures as follows respectively.

Source of following chart: IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)


Take”IP68″ as example, can we put a smartphone labeled with IP68 into water? Well, the answer is pretty awkward and ambiguous, because I would say yes and no at the same time, depending on “what kind” of water it is. For instance, it would be totally fine if you take pictures or viewing messages under a rainy day, but inappropriate using it under the sea and hot spring. The ocean salinity is harmful to machinery and the heat of hot water, chemicals from soap water and cleansers also make smartphones damageable. Therefore, if you happen to have your smartphone go through the liquid mentioned above, it will be necessary to wash your smartphone with clean water and dry them immediately. What about swimming pool? Actually, though chlorine may not harm your smartphone directly and massively, I still suggest it would be better not to use smartphones long in the swimming pool.


Another common question is “Can I take pictures under the water?” Interestingly, a waterproof smartphone doesn’t mean you are able to operate it properly, for example, the smartphone with capacitive touch screen will malfunction under water. Unless there is a shutter for taking pictures or the smartphone with stylus.


I do hope this article gain the acquisition to your knowledge. And better yet, you understand more about your present smartphone, or you know better when you are going to buy your next smartphone. In brief, enjoy your life with the convenience that smartphones bring us.

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