Spokesperson for “Intelligent Suitcase”- Olive


Just when I have already seen more and more Magical Suitcases, I realized the modern luggage design has reached a remarkable-well level that sometime I doubt where those brilliant ideas came from. Tracking, charging, GPS, or even being able to go up stairs with you!. Today I would like to introduce you another cutting edge suitcase- Olive.

It developers describe it intelligent suitcase, and it acquires the name appropriately, because it walks with you. Therefore, you save your energy quite a bit . What is more unbelievable, you can make it a “Scootercase” once you are tired of walking.

Olive has many superb features you can’t miss out. such as:

  • It has self-locking system with NFC technology- Helps your baggage security everywhere.
  • The 3D vision sensor with autonomous system allows it to see you and follow your tracks accordingly.
  • Capable of being your sccotercase and carring you.


Questions and problems always comes following new invention and creation. I will never say anything in the world is perfect, instead, I would rather put something is almost reaching perfection. Olive is the world’s first intelligent suitcase. However, you may have the same questions as I do. For example, does it work really well especially in crowded places? and so on. Well, you may take a good look at the following statement on its official website.

“- With this novel approach we can successfully follow the certain target even in occlusions or target lost situations. We don’t use any classification methods directly so we don’t need any training data before robot operation and robot can perform the follow task autonomously exactly after the first skeleton is tracked by skeleton tracker. Here the link for our last paper in IEEE which is describes the detail of this algorithm for human tracking.-”


Besides, Olive has got more:

  • It has real-time protection and distance alarm, alerting you if you leave it behind by accident.
  • Able to communicate with your smartphones or smart watch via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Location Tracking system combines GPS and 3G/4G technology, you can track Olive’s location.
  • Simply lock and unlock Olive with NFC ring.
  • Offering charging function with 10,000mAh batter.
  • Built-in Scale.

Enclosing, Olive hasn’t really gone into mass production. Yet I see great ideas on it. I hope there would be more with it to surprise us. Nevertheless, as I mentioned above, nothing in the world is perfect, Olive can never be all good. When you have a suitcase you don’t hold in hand, no matter how intelligent it is. You still need to pay attention to it in case some people just grab it away.

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