Once and for all? FlipBag!!


View points change and vary frequently depending on how we look at things. Take bags as examples, most vendors, without a doubt, do hope to sell more and more bags to increase sales, and interestingly, purchasers are really in need of diverse bags when they go to different occasions. perhaps the saying “Fair exchange is no robbery.” (LOL) is the best description here. Well, believe it or not, there is one bag, designed by a team from Taiwan named Allrover, called FlipBag, is said to fit all kinds of occasions and will meet all your needs.

Date back to October, 2014, Allrover made a sensation by an extraordinary product- Stair-Rover. Therefore, Out of curiosity, I’d like to see if FlipBag can go sensational again this time. FlipBag is made from Polyester and PVC, not only is it durable, but also dust-proof and water-proof. Two individual spaces for users to organize their belongings within just a few seconds. It is capable of carrying a laptop with excellent protection, and with Magic Pocket, separate shoe compartment, and other great features, storing things and taking them out is no longer a difficult job. Actually, the designers especially emphasize FlipBag’s versatility and how it will change your stereotype toward bags.



The capacity is up to 21liters, you can store all the stuff you see below in the picture into FlipBag with ease. The best part of FlipBag is that it can be flipped inside out and outside in like a transformer. The thickened straps, comfortable buckles, and the material/ fabric that breathes pretty well. No matter you want to carry it as a hand bag, backpack, or even a suitcase. FlipBag will be there for you for whatever you need.



According to the group’s statement, more extended accessory is coming out, and you can use it in your way. The creativity lies in people’s imagination and inspiration. Allrover is grouped by a bunch of youngsters who love street culture, inventing and designing; the members include skateboarders, designers, engineers and most important of all, people full of ideas. This bag is suitable for a variety of occasions, and users are able to make it pretty distinctive and stylish in their own ways.


FlipBag is available in three colors- Navy blue, graphite black, and desert green. It is priced at 4880 NTD, and the pre-order price is now 3780 NTD. Buyers get a 500-hundred-discount if 6 FlipBag purchased together. This bag is really “Once and for all.” isn’t it?

Source: Saydigi

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