Future Fruit Bowl- “Blue”


Fruits are favored by many people and they are beneficial for us because they are nutritious. However, they doesn’t retain their beautiful looks and nutrition for long. Designed by Ahmet Bektes, Koray Gelmez, and Eda Kose, Blue is a cutting edge fruit bowl which utilizes FotofreshTM technology – a technology can be found in many latest refrigerators, and therefore your fruit will be taken great care of with it.

Have you ever toured your gadget-loving friend’s home? I bet you must put your eyes on undoubtedly pricey innovations, such as in-style fridge, shiny kitchenware and trendy kitchen appliances. Somehow, something that emanates a subtle blue glow absolutely catch your eyesight within a second. Well, I may be too dramatic on the story. But this sleek-looking bowl will definitely be eye-catching; it has a faucet-like device on the top, and pour out blue light instead of water. Yes, its name is simple and elegant as its looks-Blue. Blue is a stylish product looking so futuristic, with a blue ring of light, it keeps your fruits healthy and fresh. Hence, even if you don’t eat your fruits soon, Blue can be your best pal and help you prolong fruits’ freshness.


The theory of Blue bowl is kind of wacky; Also, very interesting. It sheds UV blue wavelength light to inactivate certain types of bacteria. Furthermore, it suppresses ethylene gas as well. Now your produce is entirely safe and sound in Blue bowl.


It’s a pity that “Blue” bowl is just a concept product and not in production yet, but I believe it is a product worth waiting. we can still look forward to it with high expectation; I am personally eager to have one in my home.


Source: Saydigi

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