Another Greatest Feat in Human History- The World’s Largest Air-Purifier!


Human beings are greedy; However, in some way, we can’t deny that thanks to greed, mankind has created and invented countless things and also achieved many amazing feats. Here we have a news first surprised me quite a bit, and secondly, the project was in question the way I saw it.

It all started from a Holland designer named Daan Roosegaarde.  The name of the project is “Smog Free”, also known as building the world’s largest air-purifier (7 meters in height); They believe this project can clean air zones in cities around the globe and get a Smog Free Ring as a symbol of 1000m3 clean air. I know it sounds kind of difficult, yet I know Smog Free project is not out of the question because all the unbelievable feats were built from scratch and under extremely tough circumstances.



Actually, Daan Roosegaarde determined to launch Smog Free Project with China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and further more, it is going to have its tour in 5 cities. It’s said this world’s largest air-purifier can purify 30,000 square meters per hour and the electric power consumption is merely 1400W. And with the patented “Ozone free ion technology”, It purifies air efficiently and improves air quality remarkably.


Another thing in this project that Interests me is they are going to create the Smog Free Ring and Smog Free Cufflinks!! The statement of its official particularly makes this whole project more meaningful- The Smog Free Cube is an 8,4 x 8,4 millimetres, bright and durable cube filled with the compressed smog particles from 1000m3 of polluted air. We created the ring and cufflinks to enable you to carry the Cube close to you, as a personal reminder of your efforts for a Smog Free world. As an eye-catcher, the cube represents the value of clean air. To me, it is not just an another way of art, but the official says they will take any advice into consideration. So, if you’ve got some fantastic ideas, you are welcome to share the ideas on Twitter or on Facebook.


I personally am interested in any kind of forms that can save our planet. I save energy and do whatever is good to our earth. Therefore, I one hundred percent support this project, and hope it turns out great. Please let’s make the attempt to do something for this world, for you, me and this world deserve a better environment.


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