Meet Geizeer- The “CHIBI Air conditioner”


Climate change issue is never fading away. And the global warming problem has also been discussed over and over again. Many evidence show that the climate system is warming year by year.

If you happen to live in the countries on the equator, I bet you feel more about this serious issue. People in the world have no choice but overuse air conditioning to cool the temperature indoors and their working areas. Heat can really be unacceptable and unbearable for many of us. I am sorry that I have to start with this serious topic.

Do you have any experience such as- suffering from headachs, a stiff neck, back pain and respiratory problems caused by long sitting in an air conditioned room? Or even worse, for instance, I personally can’t use a fan, it makes me extremely uncomfortable and blow away my paper or small stuff in my cubicle.


Maybe you have a new option now, recently, we have seen a mini air conditionor name Geizeer on indiegogo. This “Chibified A/C is so petite that can be used as a small air conditioner on your desk, and can be carried easily. Not only that, Geizeer is also rather economical and practical.


Geizeer is made of wood, offering great thermal insulation. It has no ignition keys, which makes  the use of it pretty simple as well. Furthermore, the mini size allows users to utilize it in any settings. According to its official page, the cooling capacity of Geizeer is about 3 Celsius degress for a very well insulated room of 12 square meters; and an interesting fact indicates that using it for the duration of 24 hours will have an economic consumption of “LESS THAN 1 CENT.”


The ice pack on the lower deck provides a dedicated space where you are able insert diffusers, and guess what, this amazing little thing turns into a aromatherapy machine!!

Size doesn’t matter?! (LOL) Perhaps size really doesn’t matter at all. Now with Geizeer, you can easily make work, study and daily routines enjoyable than before.  Interested? Please visit its official website and learn more.

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