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Frequent travelers, I bet you have seen or even bought several suitcases. The manufactures and developers usually use their brilliant ideas to create multifunctional and unique suitcases for different travelers in different need. However, backpacking is not always fun, backpackers have to face some specific problems alone and solve the problems too; for instance, carring, packing, going here and there with heavy luggage and so on, saying nothing of there are still a lot of bulky stuff.  Yet there is one annoying problem that get me a headache from time to time- walking up staris and down with personal baggage.

It is named TraxPack Luggage, please take a look at it. Fundraising on kickstarter, TraxPack is a newly designed suitcase which will make your eyes open wider. It is a suitcase that easily go up and down stairs with you; also, it has humanized features. Personally, I would define a “Good Suitcase” as (1) Easy to carry (2) Impact resistant (3) Good-looking (LOL).


So, what’s so special about TraxPack? In fact, TraxPack is the world first “Tracked” suitcase. The suitcase itself has a track system that allows you to carry it up and down stairs effortlessly. In other word, the Track System is the core of TraxPack. How does it work? TraxPack has a patent pending track design, and zero drag dual tracks built into the bag. Hence, The track design takes up no extra space inside your bag.



Next, let us see some other features:

  • Tilting control handle- offer travels comfortable ways to carry it according to their habit and the situation at the moment.
  • Built-in luggage scale- No more worries about overweight, check how much your luggage weigh is that simple.
  • Built-in phone charger- Whenever and wherever you need to charge your smartphone, the removable power packs not only provide you power your smartphone need, but light up (built-in LED flashlight) to your way in darkness.
  • BPS- Baggage Positioning System makes you never lose track of your luggage.
  • Mobile device stand- You can take a seat and put your feet up (I am kidding.) and enjoy using your media devices hands free.


TraxPack is absolutely your alternative option if you just need a suitcase. It will make your travel safer, smoother and more secure. Priced at $198 USD. You may take it into your consideration.

Source: Saydigi

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