Wanna Be A Little Disc Jockey- Attention Here!!


Ordering food in fast food restaurant can be more fun? McDonald is showing the world ideas is everywhere.Just when we are surprised by “Google Cardboard VR Technology”  being used in Happy Kid Meal in Sweden. (Children are able to go online and play virtual games built by McDonald, Which is indeed going viral and making children really cheerful while enjoying their meals.) The McDonald restaurant in Holland are now turning placemats into little music production stations.


The idea that McDonald’s turns placemats into little music production stations connected to smartphones is brilliant, and actually, from a father’s point of view, fun and educational is above everything whenever we take kids to have meals in a restaurant. As a matter of fact, most children in the world love playing with things they like, saying nothing of using placemats as music production stations.


It’s called Mctrax, a provocative and amusing placemat which uses conductive ink and a thin circuit board with digital touchpioints, connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth; children can create music/ musical effects or melody by pressing the buttons on the placemat, and then even record voice and even share their creation.

However, only the consumers in Netherlands can experience this great design. I am looking forward to have one in my own country.




Source: Saydigi


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