Free Windows 10 will no longer be offered after July 30th

Windows 10 is one of the largest online services in less than a year. Launched on July 29th, 2015, Microsoft offers free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8, and they did attract a great number of people from all walks of life.
Used by millions of people, windows 10 makes Microsoft so proud based on several facts:

We found these facts on Windows official website,

  • There is 50% growth in minutes since the last quarter.
  • One of the best personal digital assistants in Windows 10, has helped answer over 6 billion questions since launch.
  • People are playing games on Windows 10 more than ever before.
  • Apps that come with Windows 10, including Photos, Music, and Movies & TV are seeing millions of active users each month.
  • And, the Windows Store continues to grow daily with new Universal Windows Platform apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.


We all know Windows 10 services are enhancing efficiently from the very first launch day on. However, as true to our topic, users have to pay for Windows 10 after July 29th this year.
Microsoft has a clear announcement why and how they have this decision made. No matter what you have in mind on this issue. July 30 is still 2 months away, so, if you haven’t upgraded yet, please do it these days.

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