Squeeze More, Spare More: VAGO


When it comes to traveling, The popularity is on the rise year by year.

And the number the passengers in the queues waiting to board the planes at the airport are not less than the amount of any kind of stations.


There are a bunch of activities for travelers or tourists to enjoy and experience. It doesn’t matter travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, airplane, or other means, you eventually have to face one main problem, which is, Luggage space. Especially when you are shopaholic or impulsive shopper. Now please pay attention to this new “Magic Weapon.” Invented by Creation CELL- a company from Taiwan, VAGO is a small and amazing device that can be easily carried with during the trip. VAGO can help you compress your clothes and make more room for you. In addition, best of all, it can be used as a power bank.


VAGO is a brand new product that totally differs from all the other products on the market. It detects the pressure and keeps vacuum automatically until the bag is entirely vacuumed. Not only does it save almost a half of your luggage space, but also protects your clothes from damp.


Plus, with a single Micro USB cable, you can turn VAGO into a power bank. VAGO is now in crowdfunding process on “kickstarter”. The lowest pre-order price is 27 USD. with four colors ( Black, White, Pink and Purple. And is expected to be shipped in August, 2016.


Source: Saydigi

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