Ultraviolet germicidal lamp: Make Your Closet Clean


Have some of these problems happened to you at times when you open the closet?

  • Feel like sneezing whenever you have your closet open.
  • On an important occasion, your clothes have funny/mildew smell that make you embarrassed.
  • Mold on your clothes & fabric.
  • feel itch when put on your clothes.


The solution to all these problems; the key is sunlight, sunlight is the best way to kill germs and make the funny smell go away. And now, you can just have sunlight in your closet.


Developed by “SunSmell”, with magnet on it so as to attach to the roof of the closet, “Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp” can break through microscopic organisms in one second and kill virus and germs effectively. every single working time takes approximate 30 minutes and the durability is as long as to 8000 hours.


After the power is on, the lamp will start working when it is aware that the space is clear/ no man around. The indicator light and pilot lamp will also be on until the whole process is over.


However, this product isn’t available now. It is still under crowdfunding on “taobao”. The price of preorder is 299 RMB and will only be available in China for now.

Source: Saydigi

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