Apple iCar, Can you imagine that?


It is universal that people love to pursue great things in the world, especially things from a world-famous company- Apple.


By far, I know public go bananas easily whenever Apple announces, or releases a brand new, cutting-edge product. And recently, Apple’s designer Matías Papalini has designed a concept car and only showed interior to its fans.



It’s called Apple iCar, with bold white streamline form and large touch screen, the whole dashboard/display is digitalized. And with this digitalized device, drivers are able to watch television, receive  messages, check map, work as an EDR. If all the functions make your jaw drop, please heed this, the entire dashboard can be used as a screen so that drivers can activate full screen mode to enjoy movies.


Auto- pilot? yes, It’s even said that Apple iCar has auto-pilot system when you remove the steering wheel. Though I don’t get the picture how it works, I believe we will find out the answer very soon. However, Apple doesn’t specialize in making cars, and hence I put a question mark on this concept Apple iCar. It would be very interesting to watch how Apple is going to compete with all the other leading hybrid vehicle manufactures in the future.


Source: Saydigi


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