iTron- Recahrge itself in minutes


Battery consumption is always a bothering issue for all the cellphone users. Most people would like to carry a portable power bank in case the battery runs flat. Interestingly, Even power bank requires a long time to recharge itself.

Now, A newborn portable charger called iTron is capable of recharging itself with hyperspeed- in 18 minutes. This innovative product differs a lot from traditional power bank. The traditional portable chargers take more than hours to recharge till users can use them again. The amazing part is the capacity of iTron power bank is surprisingly up to “9000mAh”.


We have made a summary according to the users’ feedbacks on the official website. First,  its rapid charging  speed makes things more effective in daily life. second, it’s better than any other products in the market. Next, iTron lighten worries when people go traveling. And at last, Users can recharge a lot of devices at the same time.


I can’t ensure you if iTron is really as great as what people said on the website, yet I am pretty sure my life would easier with all the time I can save. iTron is equipped with DUBI 1.0 technology/chip, QC2.0 output, 20V/ 5A input/ output, REG. 5V/1A input and 8 protections.




iTron is going to be available in May, 2016 and the priced at USD 79. You may visit the official website to understand more.

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